These Are The Best Trader Joe's Products For Your Zodiac Sign

Because what do we love as much — if not more — than reading our signs? Trying out new Trader Joe's products, of course.
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Confession time: We’re low-key obsessed with our horoscopes. Each week, without fail, we ride the astrology wave and tune in to predictions on everything from our careers to our family, and even our love lives. But lately, we’ve been feeling like something’s missing (cue low and empty stomach grumble): food. And even though we’ve tackled recipes tied to our horoscopes before, we haven’t entirely branched out into the realm of the weekly grocery shop. Because what do we love as much — if not more — than reading our signs? Trying out new Trader Joe’s products, of course.

So, to honor two of our great loves in life (zodiac signs and snacks), we’ve rounded up some top TJ’s products and tied them to our signs. Whether you’re a spicy Scorpio (guilty) in need of some hot sauce, or just a convenience-craving Capricorn who’s looking to munch on a pre-made burrito — we’ve got all your products and more predicted, ahead.

Aries You're fast and the furious fire-ious. Scoop up these easy spicy finds:

Taurus You're a decadent winer and diner. Try these creamy, cheesy finds:

Gemini You're looking to taste it ALL. So, try snacking on these finger foods:

Cancer You're a comfort foodie to the core. Envelope yourself in the warmth of these easy noshes:

Leo You're obsessed with DIY. Get into a major make-your-own sundae moment this Sunday:

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By: Elizabeth Buxton