These Are The Lipstick Shades Each State Wants Most

North Dakota, are you OK?

People all over the country want to be nude.

Nude lips, that is.

In honor of National Lipstick Day on July 29, the team at Polyvore has put together a fun infographic that breaks down which color lipstick each state desires most.

As you can see, nearly three-quarters of the U.S. (74 percent) loves that naked look, according to searches on Polyvore.

The company said there’s been a 444 percent increase in searches for nude lipsticks since just last year, something they attribute to Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. SHOCKING.

Despite all of this, we’re sort of concerned about North Dakota. They’re the only state to have black as their most-searched shade.

It’s going to be okay, ND. We’re still in our rebellious years at heart, too.

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