These Bloggers Want to Turn Your Home Into a Fall Fantasy Land

This season, 35 DIY bloggers decided it was time to bring fall decor up a notch, so they dreamed up some seriously amazing decor and inspired the internet to join in! These brilliant ideas are all the fall inspiration you will ever need.
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This season, 35 DIY bloggers decided it was time to bring fall decor up a notch, so they dreamed up some seriously amazing decor and inspired the internet to join in! These brilliant ideas are all the fall inspiration you will ever need, but hurry up - Thanksgiving is almost here and you can't let your guests see your house before it's autumn-ready!

1. Put Together a Rustic Repurposed Centerpiece
Project via Angie @Knick of Time

You can get a perfect rustic-chic look without spending a dime! See the full post here.

2. Make a Fallen Leaf Wreath
Project via Tara @Just Call Me Homegirl

Finally, a good reason to scour your yard for fallen leaves. See the full post here.

3. Line Decorative Candles With Leaves
Project via Heather @New House New Home

Dress up chunky candles with colorful fall leaves. See the full post here.

4. Mount a Faux Deer Head
Project via Sondra Lyn @Sondra Lyn at Home

Antlers are a major fall favorite, but you can get that rugged-rustic look by going faux, with this mounted paper deer head. See the full post here.

5. Create Cute Owl Magnets
Project via Jennifer @Town and Country Living

Adorable owls are always a crowd pleaser, especially this time of year. Use them to hang welcome signs or your kids' Thanksgiving pictures. See the full post here.

6. Upcycle Some Romantic Wall Art
Project via Lindsay @My Creative Days

Make this wall mounted dried flower design using repurposed pieces. See the full post here.

7. Turn Old Fence Posts Into Celebratory Candles
Project via Erin and Dan @DIY Passion

Chunks of old fence posts make surprisingly cute fall decor, if you know just how to style it. See the full post here.

8. Decorate Plain Glass Jars with Natural Elements
Project via Lucy @Patina Paradise

Cover glass jars in feathers, leaves, and all sorts of fun, fall elements. See the full post here.

9. Make a Giant Welcome Sign from Thrift Store Baskets
Project via Sara @Shabby Grace Blog

Line up a row of thrift store baskets, for this high-impact door decoration that will make guests feel more than welcome! See the full post here.

10. Use Glass Insulators to Share Your Bounty with the Birds
Project via Laurie @Vin'yet Etc.

Turn vintage glass insulators into romantic style bird feeders, so that your feathered friends can stock up before the cold. See the full post here.

11. Cover Cheap Glass Candlesticks in Sparkling Silver
Project via Kim @Hunt & Host

We've all got a spare pair of these - put yours to work making a splash in your fall decor. See the full post here.

12. Use Neutral Colors for a Cozy Design
Project via Bonbon @Farmhouse 40

Nothing says cuddled up and cozy for fall like neutral colors and plenty of natural elements. See the full post here.

13. Combine Elements for a Farmhouse-Glam Centerpiece
Project via Roxanne @The Honeycomb Home

Farmhouse style is always a favorite, but when it comes to fall, there's no better way to decorate your home. See the full post here.

14. Give Your Plain Pumpkins Copper Highlights
Project via Kim @Made in a Day

Add a bit of shine to your ordinary plump pumpkins by covering the tops of them in copper paint. See the full post here.

15. Make a Delicate Magnolia Wreath for a Classy Touch
Project via Becky @The Logbook

Magnolia leaves are always a chic bit of decoration, but with the right fall styling, they're even better! See the full post here.

16. Turn Your Home Into a Lakeside Cabin with a Dreamy Sign
Project via Donna @Funky Junk Interiors

This cute light up sign is a great way to decorate with a cute cabin feel, even if you can quite buy your lakeside place yet. See the full post here.

17. Make Mini Personalized Wreaths for Each Guest
Project via Susan @This Makes That

Napkin rings are one thing, but give your guests a personal mini wreath and your Thanksgiving dinner will be one to remember. See the full post here.

18. Make an Elegant Table Topper with Natural Elements
Project via Susan @Love of Home

Turn colorful corn, pumpkins, and branches filled with stiff leaves into an artistic centerpiece for your fall table. See the full post here.

19. String Up a Tiny Chalkboard Banner
Project via Cindy @DIY Beautify

With a mini chalkboard banner like this, you can change up your message every other autumn day! See the full post here.

20. Hang Some Simple Book Page Bunting
Project via Fotini @Farmhouse Chic Blog

Cut up an old book into decorative bunting, for a simple and sweet fall look. See the full post here.

21. Recycle Tree Stumps as Pumpkin-spired Outdoor Decor
Project via Lura @Domesticability

Everyone loves a clever tree stump upcycle, but for fall, it's time to get cutesy with these pumpkin lookalikes. See the full post here.

22. Add Charming Lanterns Everywhere
Project via Pamela @From My Front Porch to Yours

One of the best cold weather decor details, lanterns are a great way to add stylish coziness to your home and garden. See the full post here.

23. Try Your Hand at Monogrammed Canvas Art
Project via Tee @Beauteeful Living

Make some gorgeous art that will pop off your wall, using contrasting dark hues and bright metallics. See the full post here.

24. Stack Up Wood Scraps Into Adorable Pumpkins
Project via Jenny @Refresh Living

Scrap pumpkins aren't a new idea, but this blogger gave hers a fun, colorful twist that we adore! See the full post here.

25. Decorate Your Serving Bowls as Turkeys
Project via Angela @Blue I Style

Turn all of your serving pieces into adorable table turkeys, using old belts and paint! See the full post here.

26. Place Tiny Pumpkins in Every Open Corner
Project via Marty @Marty's Musings

It's pretty much impossible to have too many pumpkins in your fall decor, so instantly dress up any boring corner with bright pumpkins. See the full post here.

27. Collect Pine Cones for a Makeshift Vignette
Project via Mary @In the Boondocks

Pine cones are a fabulous and free decor piece to use all autumn long, especially if you're looking for a quick crowd-pleasing vignette. See the full post here.

28. Use Extra Paint Sticks as Bright Painted Pumpkins
Project via Emily @Two Purple Couches

Turn cheap paint sticks into perfect pumpkins for your porch or mantel. See the full post here.

29. Place Tall Corn Stalks by Your Front Door
Project via Pam @House of Hawthornes

Surrounding your front door with tall dried corn stalks is a magical way to welcome guests to the fall fantasy land inside. See the full post here.

30. Cover an Old Chandelier in Greenery
Project via Kathy @Petticoat Junktion

Turn a thrift store chandelier into glamorous outdoor decor with some faux greenery and a feel sprigs of berries. See the full post here.

31. Make a Few Plush Fabric Pumpkins
Project via Katie @Little House of Four

Fabric pumpkins are a sweet addition to any fall home, but make yours unique by adding a crackling layer of paint. See the full post here.

32. Create Art with a Large Metallic Canvas
Project via Sarah @Creative Ramblings

All you need is a can of spray paint to turn a canvas into a glittering piece of playful art. See the full post here.

33. Arrange a Welcome Message in Wood Slices
Project via Kim @The Kim Six Fix

String up a warm seasonal message on rustic chalkboard wood slices and hang it along your mantel or staircase banister. See the full post here.

34. Display Beautiful Fall Blooms
Project via Sarah @Flourish & Knot

Don't let spring have all the fun - bring some bright blooms into autumn, too! We like rich reds and magenta colored flowers to offset the cooler setting. See the full post here.

35. Go Mad with Mums Outdoors
Project via Kristi @Chatfield Court

Displaying everyone's favorite fall flower is the absolute best way to dress your outdoors for fall, so load up! See the full post here.

For more incredible fall ideas from brilliant bloggers, check out this brand new Fall Home page!

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