These 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' Contestants Have No Idea Who Cam Newton Is

Did Anderson Cooper not watch the Super Bowl?
Hey, look, it's Cam Newton!
Hey, look, it's Cam Newton!

Above, we have a photo of Carolina Panthers quarterback and 2016 NFL MVP Cam Newton. He played and lost to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in this year's Super Bowl 50, a sporting event that 111.9 million people watched. People gave him crap for being a "bad sport" after the loss. People were also racist to him last season because he was having fun with his greatness. Newton's a pretty big deal, as far as people who follow sports know. 

The contestants on Tuesday night's "Celebrity Jeopardy!," however, are unaware of who this Cam Newton guy is. Asked to provide a name to the statement "The Carolina Panther who was the first NFL rookie to pass for over 4,000 yards," CNN's Anderson CooperMSNBC's Michael Steele and CBS' Lara Logan stood silently. 

"We don't do sports," Logan exclaimed after a few seconds of awkward silence. 

That excuse might still seem ridiculous to a sports fan, but it's really just an honest explanation. Believe it or not, there are people out there who don't follow professional sports.

What a world, right? 



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