These Companies Prove You Don't Need to 'Own' Anything to be Successful

In the earlier times, having the largest empire and estate equate power and success. The more tangible your assets are, the easier to flaunt and make listen and believe what you've got to say. Older computers are a testament of this as companies with the largest computers (e.g. mainframes) were considered to be powerful and innovative.

However, recent developments prove that there's a growing trend in companies dominating their respective industries without necessarily 'owning estates' or tangible assets.

Image Credit: WetPaint MENA

The world's largest accomodation provider, Airbnb, doesn't necessary earn actual real estate. Alibaba, the leading retail (e-commerce company), doesn't have any inventory. Facebook, the world's most popular media owner, doesn't even create their own content.

With the world receding in natural resources, people embrace the idea of sharing or collaborative economy where we tend to create shared experiences and extend our resources through ideas that aim to promote the collaborative experience without necessarily getting binded by the limited resources.

What's next?

An entertainment platform that serves as marketplace? A food industry leader that doesn't necessarily serve food, but serves a shared experience.

People like to be part or "own" their experiences, not necessarily the actual assets and the responsibility that comes with owning one.