WATCH: These Devices Are Giving First Responders Superpowers

A number of new tech innovations are helping first responders save lives more quickly during emergencies. 

The Bounce Imaging Explorer is a sphere with cameras and sensors, which allows first responders to survey the scene in hard-to-access scenarios such as oxygen-deprived spaces, hostage situations, collapsed or burned buildings. It keeps first responders safe while allowing them a full view into the situation so that they can determine a plan of action.

The Lifeguard Drone combines a life jacket, on-board camera and GPS to bring help to potential drowning victims in under 1 minute, according to Rujing Tang, the founder of Smart Atlas, which makes the Lifeguard Drone.

According to HuffPost Business Editor Alex Kaufman, "[these technologies] will allow us to save more lives, it will allow us to keep first responders safer, and ultimately, you know, I hope it will just really improve the way these people can do their jobs."