These Disappearing Braids Make The COOLEST Optical Illusion

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For Teen Vogue, by Sarah Wu

Whether you’re a braid beginner or expert plait practitioner, you’ll probably agree that any variation on this particular technique takes work. You might think the whole point of braiding your hair is to show the results of your effort, but we’re here to change your mind. We’re back with celeb hairstylist and Beachwaver founder Sarah Potempa, who’s mademajor mane moves on stars like Hailee Steinfeld, Lea Michele, and Margot Robbie. Her latest mission: peekaboo braids that alternately appear and disappear as you go throughout your day. We’re totally feeling this simple style, which takes the classic beach wave to fresh territory, thanks to the pair of tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them plaits. Grab your hair mousse and a curling iron, and learn how to recreate this easy style in minutes!

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