From Drugstore To Luxury Retail, These Finds Will Give Your Feet What You Always Wanted -- Completely Smoothed Skin

Embarrassed to get pedicures? Or been disappointed by every latest Sai Baba-ointment-infused double slough-scuff "spa" pedicure?

Like the people who vacuum or sweep corners before the housekeeper arrives, I've been "pre-doing" my toenails and blading, shaving, scrubbing, device-ing, and cheese-grating my generally perfect feet forever, spending countless irritating moments (even subconsciously) pre- and post-treating my pedicures in desperation. And then I'm very irritated when I end up still wearing dead skin after a $47+ "spa" pedicure. I've long been on the lookout for the best anti-aging products we can use at home, and now its time to move on from pro-gorgeous skincare and shaving and take a look at our feet.

Back in 2005, I found myself staring at the original Pedi-Egg at the checkout counter of my corner drugstore - on sale for just $9.99. You know it well. The egg-shaped-cheese grater with a long white handle. "I'm getting it!" I told myself. Then I waited four years to use it! But when I did--holy cow! My feet were smooth. And I proceeded to use it on two male clients with the thickest, scaliest dead skin on feet I ever did see. With the same results: smooth, smooth skin. These days, that item is hard to come by (I assume because of the online postings referring to the bladed cheese-grater version--which I prefer) as Telebrand, the Pedi-Egg owners, have introduced the souped-up PedEgg Power, a 2,000-spins-per-minute motorized version of the original that costs from $19.99--$29.99. Okay. So truth? The latter works pretty good. But make sure you want it enough to not have to call customer service. Hint 1-800-605-8490; option 2--order status, regardless if you've placed one, then option1. I would use the online purchase option and type your details perfectly the first time. As well, any of the real info or "FAQ" is not accessible (like, is it battery or electrically charged? It took me four calls to find out the device uses two AA batteries. Or, you could just cave to the un-posted lack of information, click "Order Now" and roll the dice. Truth #2? I found the combination of the original and the powered version to be the best way to achieve perfect smoothness. Three Advil. Let's move on.

Ahhh. Clarisonic. The Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation System takes foot smoothing to another level. The end result may be similar, but in a more unique and professional way. Use Pedi-Boost (this is key), a powerful liquid foot peel solution that is applied two minutes prior to one of the two tool attachments. It is specifically designed to exfoliate and renew skin, combining both glycolic acid and lactic acid to actively slough off and remove dead skin cells, loosening and melting off the dead skin that has just been treated in the three-part process--so when the spinning device hits the skin, it's already prepped to come off easily. Nice. Its current sale price of $119.00 makes the Pedi device even more attractive and so far my first choice.

Now for the national dilemma: credo blades. You know, the licensed pedicurist's staple handheld magic wand of a foot razor that gently removes a substantial amount of unnecessary skin from the bottoms of our feet after a proper soak. Every state in the U.S. has a different law--meaning some places can use them if customers bring in their own, while some states have banished them altogether, and still others require special insurance...and the list goes on and on. But credo blades do work. And you can gently use them on yourself. I have one but prefer the above two gadgets first, then finishing up with a credo blade if necessary.

Here's the fun part. Foot creams, potions, and lotions designed to penetrate, absorb, and prevent skin from getting dry in the first place. My favorites? Glad you asked. Circulation (or lack of) and "tired leg syndrome" mean the slower your circulatory system, the faster the dead skin appears on your feet. Once I've accomplished the above foot smoothness, I always use a foot and leg spray at both the beginning of the day (unless running late) and always at the end of the day. Germaine de Capuccini has one of my favorite foot cream and leg spray duos called Perfect Forms: Freedom Legs spray and Rescue Feet cream alleviate the sensation of heaviness, swelling and tiredness in legs by releasing tension and increasing circulation. Active ingredients include: essential oils of lemon, lavender, cypress and rockrose, Aescin and plant extracts of mint, lemon balm and rosemary. The spray can even be applied over pantyhose! Furthermore, if you're going through weight changes or want the all-over effect of hydrated firming and tightness, Perfect Forms Oil Phytocare Firm & Tonic Oil is really luxurious and effective.

A little more over-the-counter, but very effective, tired leg reliever is Burt's Bees Leg & Foot Cream with Peppermint Oil and Rosemary Leaf. L'Occitane's Frisson de Verveine is formulated with a combination of cypress essential oil and althea officinalis (and a roller ball tip), or their Amande Lighter Legs in a fresh gel-cream is infused with a combination of peppermint essential oil and menthol with ultra-moisturizing almond cream, providing an intense and long-lasting sensation of relief and softness. I found the latter to be a very potent remedy and simply terrific.

Okay, so one of my favorite end-of-the-day remedies is by Clarins. Their Tonic Body Treatment Oil is not only indulgent, it's highly effective and provides immediate relief with Hazelnut, Rosemary, Geranium and Mint. As online exclusives (not in store), I highly recommend their Energizing Emulsion, which uses an energizing blend of chamomile, basil, sage and cypress to rev up tired legs, as well as its perfect complement, Tonic Body Balm, which uses the above zingy oils but also acts a smoothing balm--with a firming blend of ginseng and apple seed oil.

Last but not least, another favorite (and very professional grade) is what we consider "pediceutical" - Footlogix, "where Medi meets Pedi." I discovered them at a profession MedSpa convention and was highly impressed. Their Foot Soak Concentrate and Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub are over the top with results-oriented luxury. And their doctor-strength foot creams and mousses are so strong and penetrating, they have been an ESPN sports world favorite for those multi-million-dollar abused feet. If you (or your loved one) suffer from extreme cracking or fungal ailments, Footlogix has several formulas containing seriously medically advanced formulas. I urge you to locate their "Where to Buy" section on their website.

So, now we know how to sand down those feet back to their original form and how to keep them that way for longer periods of time. I've used all of the above products and think you'll agree that when you try them for yourself, you'll feel the relief you thought you might never have.

While we always hate to see the summer go, you'll be thrilled to have smoothed, perfect feet as we move into fall.

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