These GIF'd Moments Of 2016 Show How The Election Took Over Pop Culture

Balloons. All the balloons.

2016 was a pretty awful year. (Let’s not dwell on it.)

But we can’t forget about all those moments that made us smile, like when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar and Hillary Clinton freaked out over balloons. Ah, the good ol’ times. 

Giphy compiled a list of GIFs that represent the top 12 moments in pop culture of 2016, and they’ll be sure to delight: 

  • "Suicide Squad"
    One of the year's most anticipated movies was a box-office hit. (Not so much a critics' choice, though.)
  • Prince
    Prince’s death in April really rocked the music and entertainment industry, spurring tons of GIFs, artwork and tribute performances.
  • Michael Jordan
    Interestingly enough, this meme was created in 2014 but started gaining traction in 2016. The image was used so many times that even President Obama made a joke about Jordan being more than just a meme.
  • Chris Christie
    This GIF is particularly interesting because it was captured at the RNC while Donald Trump was being announced as the presidential candidate. The amount of enthusiasm is telling.
  • "Arthur"
    This all started with a Twitter user tweeting an image of Arthur’s fist, which escalated into more memes of the entire "Arthur" show, including this one of a very sarcastic D.W.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio And Lady Gaga's Golden Globes Run-In
    How could we forget this moment?

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s face after Lady Gaga bumped into his chair on her way to the stage at the Golden Globes is everything you look for in a GIF: funny, unexpected and a little shady.
  • "Broad City"
    "Broad City" is one of those shows that is instantly relatable and the quintessential New York millennial story.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar
    Leo winning an Oscar was a huge moment for pop culture. After four previous Best Actor losses across the past two decades, he finally took home the top honor.
  • Donald Trump
    The epitome of Donald’s life this year in one GIF.
  • "Lemonade"
    When Beyoncé dropped the incredible visual album “Lemonade,” we ingested every bit of it.
  • Michelle Obama
    No explanation needed. Michelle Obama can do no wrong.
  • Hillary Clinton
    Despite her loss, it was the year of Hillary. This GIF says it all. (You're great too, Bill.)