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These Guys Compared $3 And $250 Sushi And The Result May Shock You

"This is the closest to a mouthgasm I have ever achieved."

BuzzFeed’s Steven Lim and Keith Habersberger embarked on an enviable sushi adventure, pulling in millions of viewers for the culinary ride.

The two compared sushi at bargain, mid-tier and high-end restaurants in the Los Angeles area, revealing the raw truth about sushi prices. They appear to complete their mission in a day, lending the clip a certain excessive charm.

The epicureans rolled out a few tasty comments, too.

“My tongue is just living in a sexy salt bath right now,” Habersberger said.

Lim proclaimed, “This is the closest to a mouthgasm I have ever achieved.”

Watch the video above to find out the verdict. Is expensive sushi always the best?

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