These Home Innovations and Trends Are Amazing Whether You Rent or Own

While hitting stores and shops online or offline can be great for spotting the current trends and innovations in home decorating and design, it's the industry events that give a sneak peek into what's ahead.
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While hitting stores and shops online or offline can be great for spotting the current trends and innovations in home decorating and design, it's the industry events that give a sneak peek into what's ahead. There's no better spot for this than events like the annual Dwell on Design conference event. Here's a look at the latest new trends that'll be coming to the market soon:

1. Kitchen Innovation. Innovation has been happening in the kitchen for decades, but the coming technologies and trends will blow your mind. Ovens that tell you how to cook virtually anything you can think of, down to the pan to use and seasoning or prep ideas. Appliances that regulate and monitor their own energy use for you, and even new 'smart' internet-connected ideas of all kinds. You might not think of General Electric (GE) when it comes to startup ideas and innovations, but the company had some of the best new concepts for the kitchen. Miele's ovens can turn anybody into a master chef (or at least, make sure you get the fish you're baking out of the oven in time).

2. Design Where You Least Expect It. Two big areas for design trends that will be arriving soon were seen in the bathroom and kitchen as well. Appliances that feature chic metals, glass versus plastic, LED lighting, and other design elements are making the kitchen more stylish than ever before. On the outside, it's all about appliances that don't look like appliances -- dishwashers, trash disposals, refrigerators, freezers, etc. that blend right in with cabinets and kitchen designs. In the bathroom, it was all about blingy sinks, tricked out lighting and bold, bright colors like raspberry pink and teal. LED lighting turned up on a few items for the bath as well.

3. Ultra Stylish Outdoors. Forget the age-old patio furniture! Innovative and stylish patio furniture was everywhere! It ranged from materials of all kinds to shapes and styles that looked anything like the usual. A big trend was lighting incorporated into seating, combined with either plastic or stone. So chic for the patio at night! Stone, wood and other materials are being given a stylish twist with interesting patterns, displays and other details across the board in outdoor furniture and patio styling.

4. Updates To Tile And Lighting. Tile and lighting of all kinds have been on trend for the past year or two, but brands are bringing new updates here as well. A big trend seen at the event this past summer was tile in bold, pop colors but pared down in sophisticated, sleek design. For lighting, it has become all about the ultra-creative! Lamps, chandeliers, and other lighting mixed with unique and unexpected design, materials and other elements. Wall lighting was definitely everywhere, as well as chandelier and other hanging options of all kinds.

5. Wallpaper Still Hot. Wallpaper has been eclipsing traditional paint for a bit in interiors, and it doesn't look as if it'll be slowing down. Giant, bold prints are still without question on trend, but now interesting textures and metallics are emerging as well. Dark, smoky metallic golds, pewter, silver, etc. create a low-key look that maintains elegance, but don't be surprised to see metallics turn up in fun, pop ways too in the year to come.

6. Fire. Fire used in all types of scenarios was one of the bigger and surprise trends of the summer. It's being incorporated into chandeliers and other lighting, hanging fire pots, outdoor containers, etc. The look is simple and clean -- a single flame or two, modern and streamlined styling. It's a cool way to update your home indoor or out.

7. Personalization. We're in a great time for creating the home unique to you and you alone. Nearly every company is offering the ability to customize home items, be it appliances, cabinets, and other major household things, as well as couches, chairs and other furniture. New innovations and capabilities in manufacturing are making it easier than ever before to have a home that is truly yours.

If you're a renter, the key to playing on the emerging trends in decorating and design is pull simple, single elements that you can incorporate without making major changes to your rental structure. For example, while you may not be able to swap out your dining room chandelier for one that features safe flames, you can put a pretty centerpiece incorporating the fire trend on a table outside. For homeowners, the sky is the limit! But if you're working within a budget, these tips and ideas for renters can work for you as well.

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