These Illustrations Capture The Absurd Expectations Women Face

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
Sometimes, the easiest way to get a profound point across is to paint a picture. Daisy Bernard, a London-based fashion illustrator and writer has done just that with a series of illustrations that demonstrate the everyday mixed messages women receive when it comes to how they look and how they act. 
In the illustrations, first posted to the UK website The Tab last month, Bernard outlines the way women are judged in the workplace, in relationships and sex, and on their appearance. In an illustration on sexuality, the image of a woman who on one side is wearing a low cut top and short-shorts and on the other side is wearing a long-sleeved, over-the-knee-length dressed is accompanied by mixed messages. These include: “You’re frigid,” vs “You’re a slut,” and “Show off your assets” vs “Leave something to the imagination.”

One of the reasons why we need feminism #everydaysexism #feminism

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Bernard says she was inspired to create the series after news of a Muslim woman in France being forced to remove clothes on a beach by police because she was wearing a “burkini” came out on August 24. “It made me realize it’s more than just clothing that women are policed on,” Bernard told the Huffington Post. “None of these things are particularly unusual or outrageous, they’re things that unfortunately most women are all too familiar with.”
Bernard says that these double standards that women face need to be called out because of that familiarity. “It’s stuff that we often dismiss because it’s just ‘the way of life’ - which it really shouldn’t be.” 
Check out the rest of the illustrations below:
"She's a difficult woman."
"She's a difficult woman."
"You're a pushover."
"You're a pushover."
"You're too girly."
"You're too girly."


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