Stunning Images Capture The Beauty Of Freckles

Russian photographer celebrates the magic of pigmentation.

There are any number of self help sites on the web prepared to assist people in the removal of freckles, but how often do we glorify the small brown spots?

Photographer Alexandra Bochkareva, a self proclaimed "ginger," shoots most of her style portraits with red-haired, freckled models to celebrate their beauty. Bochkareva told The Huffington Post that she finds the freckled models' faces to be "very impressive," and adds that her grandmother, mother and sisters are all freckled.

Picking up photography in 2012 after the birth of her child, Bochkareva photographed friends and family members who live in and around Saint Petersburg, Russia, building quite an impressive portfolio of stylized portraits based on models of the red-haired persuasion. Check out her amazing imagery below.

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