These Jeans Will Conceal Your Farts (Yes, Really)

Those silent-but-deadlies will be a little less deadly.

Gassy guys and girls, rejoice!

Shreddies, the UK-based company that brought you fart-filtering underwear, has expanded to include jeans and pajamas, too.


Using the same Filtrex technology featured in its flatulence-free underwear, Shreddie's jeans and pajamas were made with the same comfort and style in mind, as well.

A press release from the brand reassures both current and new customers that they can wear its new products in any which way they please. "You can wear your Shreddies Jeans and Pyjamas with your regular underwear, team them with a pair of Shreddies pants for double protection, or if you’re feeling brave, why not skip the underwear completely!? You’ll never have to worry about those moments again," it said.


The jury's out over whether or not the products muffle the sounds associated with passed gas, but at least you can take comfort in those silent-but-deadlies being a little less deadly.

Head to to shop.

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