Kids Try Dumplings From Around The World And It's Seriously Adorable

OK, now we're hungry.

You know a food is universally loved when even kids can’t get enough of it. Case in point? Dumplings.

In the WatchCut Video above, kids you might assume would have picky palates give dumplings from around the world a chance.

Gyozas from Japan are a huge hit, though most of the taste testers have had them before. They also try coxinha, a popular dumpling in Brazil that’s filled with chopped or shredded chicken, covered in dough and fried.

The dumpling causes a bit of confusion for taste tester Maddox:

Playing with food has never been so adorable.

Watch the clip above for more ― and if you’re looking for more dumpling-related deliciousness, check out recipes here.

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