These Music Videos Are The Only Thing Alex Jones Is Good For

We here at Outspeak are very familiar with the human meme that is Alex Jones. The InfoWars founder has made a career of spouting off misinformation in a limp attempt to reveal the real power struggles behind American politics. Which is to say that he perpetuates harmful conspiracy theories that undermine the foundation of good political discourse.

In one of his most recent videos Alex Jones rants to his two million subscribers about everything from Michelle Obama to how Bill Clinton makes Bill O’Reilly look like a saint. At twenty six minutes without a cut he boils every topic down to one thing: a corrupt power structure against freedom.

That’s Alex Jones’ shtick. He wants to free you from the confines of conventional media by waging a war against information. We presume he means a war for the freedom of information because most of the stuff on his website, InfoWars, is absolute bullshit.

Well, YouTuber Placeboing is onto his shtick and decided to take Alex Jones to task. No, not like that terrible Megyn Kelly interview, Placeboing makes music videos of Jones’ weird rants and sets them to catchy tunes. The effect is almost hypnotic. Seriously, check them out. It’s the most entertaining thing Alex Jones has ever done. Well, outside of his appearances in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly.

Seems like Richard Linklater was onto his bullshit before all of us.