These Pics Prove Kanye Loves Ice Cream As Much As He Loves Himself

Happy birthday, Kanye!

Kanye West's relationship with ice cream is truly magical.

No matter what, the frozen, creamy treat (specifically on a cone) always seems to turn his perpetual frown upside down. And let's face it, we like Kanye A LOT more when he's happy.

To celebrate the Chi-town rapper's 39th birthday on Wednesday and Kanye Ice Cream Week, here are seven times Kanye bonded with the love of his life... ice cream.

When ice cream sends Ye to his happy place:

When Häagen-Dazs became his religion:

When he had a tough life decision to make at Baskin-Robbins:

When he introduced Kim Kardashian to his first love:

When he finally vibed with wifey on an deeper level:

When Yeezy took some time away from the family to catch up with his BFF:

When he got down to the cone and realized it was time to double back to Cold Stone:

Happy birthday, Kanye! We hope you get the biggest scoop of Positive Vibes Pistachio from Morgenstern's today!

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The Wisdom Of Kanye West

The Wisdom Of Kanye West

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