These Quirky Illustrations Will Be All-Too-Familiar To People In Love

This is what it's like to love someone warts and all.

When you fall in love with someone, everything about that person becomes endearing -- including their quirks and shortcomings.

Landysh, the Russia-based artist behind the online doodle site Lingvistov, explores this idea in her new illustrated book titled 21 Reasons Why I Love Her.

The artist told The Huffington Post that the book was inspired by a previous relationship.

"I am a tough person to be with, so all the things the lucky guy had to put up with are illustrated in that post!" she said. "I wanted to laugh at some cute and hilarious stuff that always comes up in a relationship."

"My colleague Asia and I spent an hour sitting in a cafe, remembering our past relationships and laughing our heads off," Landysh said. "As a result we made a list of reasons that I illustrated later in the form of a book."

21 Reasons Why I Love Her will be published later this month, but is currently available for pre-order on Lingvistov. Below, check out more of the artist's relatable drawings:

Check out even more of Landysh's comical doodles on topics like the beauty of sleep and life as a cat owner.

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