These Secret Gardens Are Perfect Little Surprises In Cities Around The World

There's no better way to enjoy the warm weather than to explore the nature a city has to offer.

For travelers eager to set their summer travel plans in motion, we teamed up with the photographer community at EyeEm to ask for shots of the best secret gardens around the world. These gardens, which are out of the way of ordinary tourist destinations, are bound to make you dream of summer. Some secret gardens are so secret, photographers weren't willing to specify their exact locations within a given city!

Step outside, and discover your green oasis!

Nagoya-shi, Japan
Landesgartenschau, Germany
Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines
Giardino di Ninfa, Italy
Keukenhof, Netherlands
Colza Fields, Russia
Fuxing Park, Shanghai, China
Veitshochheim Schlossgarten, Germany
Collingwood, Australia
Granada, Spain
Konopiste Castle, Prague, Czech Republic
Leipzig, Germany
Serres Royales de Laeken, Brussels, Belgium
Valbyparken, Copenhagen, Denmark