10 Sex Stories That Will Put Your Awkward Sexual Encounters To Shame

"I once held my own hand during sex."

Sex with someone new can be super hot... or just really awkward.

The 10 stories below ― pulled from Whisper, a free app that lets people share their secrets anonymously ― distinctly fall into the latter category. Oof.

Once during sex I was thinking about what I need to get at the grocery store and accidentally screamed out "carrots!"
In the middle of having sex with someone, he asked if I wanted to check my texts....
One time my wig fell off during sex and the guy was scared that he pulled my hair out.
I stopped in the middle of having sex so I could tuck my dog in for the night
Mid-sex, he totally killed the mood when he put a hand on each thigh & said... "Open sesame!" & yes, he was serious!
Once I was playing music during sex and my favorite song came on and I started singing out loud and got up to dance
I had sex on the first date. He lasted 2 minutes, yelled "I Won!" as he finished and then fell asleep
I hit my Fitbit goal during sex and I was so excited I said something and ruined the moment.
I once held my own hand during sex
The most embarrassing moment of my life was when I accidentally mooed during sex..
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