These Sisters Are Using Their Dance Moves To Empower The Youth

No sibling rivalry here.

Sisters Alicia Graf Mack and Daisha Graf were born to move, as older sister Alicia puts it. 

NBCBLK interviewed the accomplished dancers on their dance styles, their training and D(n)A Arts Collective, the organization they started to teach and empower young dancers.

Daisha describes herself as a commercial dancer who has worked with Beyoncé, Rihanna and other big names. Meanwhile,  Alicia says she is a concert dancer whose background includes work with prestigious institutions like Alvin Ailey and Dance Theater of Harlem.

“Dancing is something that fueled me -- it fueled my spirit -- so even though it was very rigorous, I loved the challenge,” Alicia told NBCBLK. Though Dasia started dancing later than her sister, she naturally flowed into the movement.

With each of them having so much talent, they say people often ask them if there’s any sibling rivalry. “No,” Dasia responds. “She’s a role model for me and still is."

Alicia said that she learns a lot from her little sister, as well. She stressed the importance of having someone that she could relate to through dance, which is one reason why D(n)A Arts Collective is so important to the sisters.

“I think that it’s extremely important to have a role model or an idea or an image of something that resonates within you and, for me, that was seeing... a dancer of color or a very tall ballerina because I’m unusually very tall for a ballet dancer… It gave me permission to say, I can do this.”

Watch NBCBLK’s full interview with Alicia and Dasia above. 

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