These Snapchat Stories Embody Long Island Moms Perfectly

"Come talk to your mother. I never see you no more ... I’m no good unless I’m doing for you."

You could try to get through one of Nicki Diaz’s videos without laughing, but you’d surely fail.

The 20-year-old makeup artist from Malverne, New York, has created a character on her Snapchat named “Donna,” who is the epitome of Long Island moms everywhere. (Editor’s note: I’m from Long Island, so I can affirm this.)

Diaz told The Huffington Post, “Donna is a middle aged mother to her daughter Adriana, and loving wife to her husband of 25 years, Bobby, from the one and only Strong Island. She don’t take nothing from nobody.”

Using one of Snapchat’s many face-mushing filters, Diaz uploaded her first “Donna” Snapchat video on her Facebook Wednesday, Jan. 11.

Since then, the videos have taken off ― garnering thousands of views.

The videos include “Donna” giving dating advice (”He comes from a good family? They’re Italian?!”), talking about karma (”If you spit up in the air, it’s gonna come back down in your face”), talking about guilt (”When I’m dead, you’re going to miss me”), trying to have some quality family bonding time (”Come talk to your mother. I never see you no more ... I’m no good unless I’m doing for you”), and so, so much more.

Diaz told us that the videos were inspired by conversations she would have with her sister, Jackie, where they would make fun of the things their my mother (and other family members) would say.

“I never in my life expected the videos to blow up like they have, it’s absolutely insane,” Diaz said of the feedback she’s received on the videos.

We can only hope there’s more where these came from, Nicki.



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