Black Fraternity Helps To Clean Up Mess After Spring Break Party On South Beach

Step 1: Get lit. Step 2: Clean up yo' mess.

Once upon a time, a group of fraternity brothers went to South Beach to party ... then cleaned up after themselves.

When members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity at Florida International University saw the mess made from their daytime spring break shenanigans on March 13, they got to work alongside the beach’s maintenance crew. 

Once other beachgoers noticed the fraternity’s efforts, they also began to assist in the cleanup. 

Just a day prior, spring breakers in other parts of Miami left loads of trash throughout the city’s beaches. 

“It doesn’t take much to pick up after yourself after partying,” Jourman Triana, a member of the fraternity, told the Miami Herald. “You can have fun and also do the right thing.”

But Triana said it wasn’t just the group’s basic morals that compelled them to help tidy up the beach. He’s also careful not to perpetuate the notion of disruptive and inconsiderate spring breakers because the fraternity is historically black. 

“We want to break that stereotype,” he said. 

Miami is a popular spring break destination for tons of college students, but few have been as respectful as the Alpha Phi Alpha members, which is probably why they received a statement of gratitude from the Miami Beach Police on Twitter. 

That cleanup effort comes just days after another group of college students in South Florida took it upon themselves to help Fort Lauderdale Beach workers pick up the mess left behind by spring breakers, and some of those volunteers were on spring break themselves. 

There must be some proud parents out there.



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