This Superhero Prom Picture Is Goals AF


These teens in fine formalwear recently revealed their undercover superhero statuses at their Arkansas prom.

This creative group coordinated their garb to represent characters including Batman, Superman, Captain America for the Subiaco Academy prom, pictured below. The couples slayed in their T-shirts and matching jewel-tone dresses.

The photo, which was shot by Johnny Bolinger of BN Focus Photography, was shared on Facebook and quickly went viral.

Bolinger, who was sent to capture his cousin's son Caleb, who dressed as Superman, told the Huffington Post that the students' pose was actually shocking to him.

"They knew exactly what they were doing, but I had no idea when I showed up to take the photos," he said of their creative concept. "My photo was kinda from the hip so to speak."

The larger group of superheroes
The larger group of superheroes
Anna Helfrich Jones

We vote that this should be basically every school's prom theme from here on out.

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