These stunning images capture the bond between mother and her child

New Jersey based photographer Miriam Dubinsky is the talent behind the Motherhood Connection Exhibit, a series of portraits exhibiting across New Jersey. Her timeless images feature the love and bond between mothers and their children. While the topic of “motherhood” sounds very simple, but when asked why she chose to pursue this topic Dubinsky writes that “as a mother myself, I find life to be busy and chaotic at times. However, it is the beauty around me that causes me to hit pause and want to document it so I can save it for later and be able to once again cherish this moment [. . .] It is in those busy everyday moments that I find inspiration, because despite how challenging life gets, there is beauty all around us.”

When I asked Dubinsky what she hoped the public would come to understand after viewing her exhibit she responded that “the motherhood connection is universal and my hope is that it provides inspiration to all moms and moms-to-be in all facets of their lives.”

Motherhood is a universal journey, and these portraits capture this universal love. Check out some her stunning images below or visit her website or Facebook Page to view more of her work.

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