These Super Cute Illustrations Will Make Perfect Sense To Anyone In Love

Still going strong after all these years. 💕

Sure, every relationship is different, but there are certain little truths that anyone in love ― no matter where they’re from or how long they’ve been together ― can relate to.

Loryn Brantz, a BuzzFeed writer and illustrator, captures this adorably in her recent comic series “9 Truths Every Person Crazy In Love With Another Person Knows” using two lovey-dovey little beans (or are they potatoes?).

Below, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. To see the rest of the series, head over to BuzzFeed.

You end up cuddling whether the bed is big or small.

You find your partner adorable even when they’re doing (or saying) the most mundane things.

A hug from your boo can brighten the cloudiest of days.

Decades later, you still have hots for each other.

"Love Is..." Illustrations