These Tweets Will Guarantee You Start Off 2018 On The Perfect Note

What song will you choose to start your new year off right?

This New Year’s, to keep yourself occupied from wallowing in regret, drowning in self-pity or remembering the horrors of 2017, Twitter users want you to try playing a song.

People are suggesting songs that ― if played correctly at the right time ― will ring in the New Year with lyrics you want to hear. This Evanescence tweet is the most popular meme by far:

But the other song choices are pretty good too:

Some people offered suggestions that started with a song, but ended with a lot of darkness:

But the best ideas didn’t contain a song at all:

Though we all know what’s really going to happen if anyone actually attempts to do this at midnight:

Heading into the New Year by starting with a party foul. So 2017.

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