These Twins' Daily Halloween Costumes Are Beyond Adorable


Lauren Mancke made headlines back in October 2015 for the awesome daily Halloween costumes she made for her toddler son Fox. This Halloween, she’s continuing the tradition with her 8-month-old twin daughters.

Mancke’s daughters are named Lera and Marigold. Their daily costumes are mainly tributes to characters from the family’s favorite movies, books and TV shows ― from “Arrested Development” to “Star Wars” to “Broad City.”

The mom puts each costume together with craft supplies and items they have around the house or borrow from friends. She posts photos of each day’s costumes on Instagram.

“I am a lifestyle designer who loves Halloween and handmade things,” Mancke told HuffPost. “Making costumes each day makes me happy and it makes others happy. So that’s what it’s all about.”

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She added, “We will also be giving away many of the costumes throughout the month and hopefully make someone else’s Halloween special as well.”

Mancke said Lera and Marigold seem to really enjoy dressing up. “It’s pretty easy to get them to smile,” she noted.

And as for their big brother, Fox, he’s 3 years old and “has changed his mind 100 times on what he’d like to be this year,” said Mancke.

“Right now, he says he wants to be a Mother Nature doctor when he grows up so that’s what he’d like to go as. He may join us for some group costumes later this month,” she added.

Ultimately the mom wants her daily costume photos to make people smile and focus on the positive things in life. “I also hope it inspires people to make their own Halloween costume this year,” she said. “Maybe some tutorials are in order!”

Keep scrolling and visit Mancke’s Instagram page for more adorable daily costumes.

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