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These Pizza-Tossing Brothers Are Going Viral, But There's A Catch

They're only 10 and 12 years old!

Ten-year-old Nicholas Testa and his 12-year-old brother, Michael, can sling a pizza pie like total professionals. And now, these two bros’ pizza-tossing skills are racking up millions of views on Facebook.

The latest video showing off their skills has already been viewed over 24 million times and gotten nearly 100,000 comments.

You’ll understand why when you watch it:

There’s a catch with their pizza-tossing skills though. The boys’ father, Carmine, confirmed with The Huffington Post that the pizzas being tossed in the video above are not real pizza dough, but rather silicone practice skins. In this video, the boys are using real dough.

According to Fox 5 News, Nicholas and Michael began practicing their dough tricks around five years ago, when they started going to work with their dad at his pizza shop in Jersey City. Pretty soon, Michael was gaining recognition for being a pizza prodigy.

“Michael, my oldest, probably could win a competition now. He’s that good,” Carmine, who owns Carmine’s Pizza Factory, told Fox 5.

Check out more of their videos below:

CORRECTION: The language in this post has been updated to show that the boys are using silicone practice disks in the video featured at the top of this story.

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