These Whimsical Instagram Videos by Mike Mellia Mix Fashion with the Surreal

New York City Director and Photographer Mike Mellia Studio has been filming infinitely looping surreal fashion videos for brands like W Magazine, The Gap, Intel, Brooks Brothers, Swarovski, Pierre et Vacances Resort in Provence France, and more.

Now, Mellia’s newest Instagram project, @mikemelliastudio , aims to bring his surreal and whimsical aesthetics to the next level.

Objects come to life in Hollywood-style special effects, bringing an unusual twist to the world of fashion advertising that makes the viewer stop, wonder, and think twice. Following the success of his previous Instagram “selfie-a-day” project, Mike Mellia often appears in the films himself, acting as both the director and the subject at the same time.


Mellia loves creating detailed sets that allude to bigger self-contained worlds within these infinitely looping videos. Reveries and espresso daydreams clash with the excitement and energy of unusual creative directions. Striking fashion styling and specific color theory are always common themes throughout his Instagram video loops.

Teaspoons mesmerize while the excitement of an army of tangerines spring into action!


A native New Yorker and a graduate of Columbia University, Mike Mellia’s unusual style and aesthetics draw from many disparate influences- from classic American midcentury jazz, to French new wave arthouse films, to modern minimalist experimental videos.


“I’m always trying to push theses creative elements further and further, as if you’re running in a continual race against yourself” Mellia explains. “It takes days to finish compositing all the special effects in these videos, and I’m such a big computer nerd that I keep trying to discover new technologies and new ideas to bring to life! For me, however, the most important thing is always the story and the styling. I’m always focused on how can I use these ideas to advance the story in the most compelling and the most exciting way.”

Mellia also posts behind the scenes stories about his work, as well as lifestyle posts with his family on the Upper East Side of New York City -

In one Instagram post, Mellia explains this exciting new project in his own words:

I recently deleted one of my most successful artistic platforms, my "selfie a day" instagram account, cold turkey, and started a new one @mikemelliastudio. i always considered the creative process as inherently tormented. I have been feeling like i needed to push myself completely out of my comfort zone and to truly make myself feel uncomfortable, in order to achieve something even better and even bigger. I wanted to challenge myself with a shocking blank slate, and so i did. my old account is gone and i started a new one @mikemelliastudio, where i am hoping to be able to share my art in a very unexpected way, and also unveil my creative thinking process. It was a hard decision, it was hard to jump out of a world that made me feel safe, but i had to do it. I already feel the excitement of new ideas. please join me as @mikemelliastudio and feel free to share!


For more, follow his adventures on Instagram as @mikemelliastudio

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