These Wikileaks Emails Prove Just What A Monster Hillary Clinton Is

Her empathy for those less fortunate is DISGUSTING.

It’s what everyone in the Trump campaign talks about around the pyres of burning books. When you look closely, Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails show just what kind of person she is: a nasty woman who doesn’t know how to print things.

Her heartless thirst for evil and darkness knows no bounds. Just look at some of these real emails released by Wikileaks.

Secretary of the Demonic Underworld Hillary Clinton tries to help a 10-year-old Yemeni girl:

Do you recall Noon i Ali(?), the ten year. old Yemeni girl who got herself divorced? I met her at the Glamour awards last year. There was a CNN story last few days about how unhappy she is, still living at home, not attending school and quite angry that her life is not better. Is there any way we can help her? Could we get her to the US for counselling and education?

2016 “Mark of the Beast” recipient Hillary Clinton tries to get medical supplies to desperate doctors in earthquake-ravaged Haiti:

Mark, emergency room doc, is w Paul Farmer; Pier is his orthopedic surgeon wife. Is there any way to help asap? This should be the highest priority. Coulc one of the medical teams alreay there move over to help? Could Gen Keen or UN get the supplies and generators they need to them at first light?”

But the Dark Lord’s lust for malice doesn’t end there!

Also food and water?


Oh, but wait ...

Consumer of orphan and puppy souls Hillary Clinton helps raise awareness about child trafficking in Haiti:

That is important. I will work on it―there’s a very long and sobering list. Does Jillian have specific ideas?

Beelzebub beer pong partner HITLER-y Clinton comments on the closing of an Illinois group home that helps abused and neglected young boys:

What a sad commentary about our values today. I sound more curmudgeonly everyday but it is hard to see the clock being turned back on so much that matters, especially poor kids. Oh well, I can only hope the tide turns soon.

As Donald Trump ― preferred presidential candidate of the Ku Klux Klan ― said during the debates: such a nasty woman.

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