Let This Guy's Photoshoot With His Thesis Show You What True Love Is

"It's like we were always on the same page."

As anyone who’s had to write a thesis knows, it’s easy to get a little too attached.

Morris Vanegas, 26, has captured those somewhat complex feelings in a photo series, “A Love Letter To My Thesis,” that does it better than words ever could.

The photos show Vanegas — who just completed a dual master's degree in aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering at MIT — sharing a soda, hanging out at a bar and lying in the grass with the hefty folder, among other bonding activities.

The whole thing actually started out as a joke with his mom, he told The Huffington Post.

“She was always worried I wasn’t going to turn it in on time,” he said. So in response to her nervous text messages, he told her, “I’m really, really busy with the thesis,” and started sending her photos of all the fun things he and the thesis were getting up to.

The photographers were just strangers he asked to snap pictures for him. (Some were more eager to help than others.)

His thesis, by the way, deals with the way that data changes “when variables are shifted,” he said. For example, how something like a Fitbit can deal with interpreting data consistently when factors -- like where a person puts the device on their arm, or how they position it -- change.

Now that that’s out of the way, Vanegas plans to spend the summer working on getting additional ratings on his pilot’s license (like endorsements for a driver’s license) before starting a PhD in bioengineering at Northeastern.

And don’t worry, moms of the world. He did turn it in on time.

See the full series, with Vanegas' original captions, below:

To my lovely thesis, whom I had to turn into MIT today, May 19th, 2016.
This is the last image I have of us working together. The final advice I could give to mold you into something the world will cherish.
I remember when you were just [a] thought, no more than 10 pages old. I barely knew how to change a .bib (file).
And now, you are a full grown thesis! I've taught you all I can about space suits, but in reality, you taught me even more.
I know it took hours and hours of preparation, and I wasn't as patient as I should have been.
But you made me a better person, pushing me through all obstacles when I felt weak.
Your sense of humor is just like mine. It's like we were always on the same page.
And Friday afternoons grabbing a drink at the Muddy made all our conflicts disappear.
I have so many memories that are [i]ngrained in my head.
So many good times spent together.
So here is a toast to you, Thesis, who struggled along with me through my graduate school at MIT.
I have never been good at goodbyes. So I'll make it quick.
I hope to see your face again soon, in the references section of future works on space suits.

Tail winds and fair skies.

Morris Vanegas

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