Bernie Sanders Officially Wins Democracy for America's Critical Endorsement, Earning 88 Percent of All Votes

Bernie Sanders is on a roll. Just last night, he won a major endorsement from the Communications Workers of America union, a group of 700,000 workers. Today, he scored big with an unprecedented endorsement from Democracy for America.

Democracy for America, a progressive political action committee with over one million members, will now endorse Sanders after the Senator dominated the group's online membership poll. DFA pledged to support a Democratic candidate only if he or she garnered 67% of the online vote -- which it called a "super majority." Sanders, who earned 88% of the vote, crossed that super majority threshold easily.

This marks the first time in history that Democracy for America has endorsed a presidential candidate in the primaries. Late last night, Sanders also became the first presidential candidate to reach two million individual campaign contributions.

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