They Lived In Between Her Blinks

This story is taken from my upcoming book of surreal anecdotes and flash fiction fairy tales for adults called "The Mundane Uses of Magical Objects."

They lived in between her blinks. Every time she'd close her eyes, they had their turn at life. And as she blinked at least once every five seconds, they had a pretty substantial existence.

As most people, she was under the impression that when she blinked, only her sight dropped out. But of course that was not true. Everything about her turned off during those moments -- and she had to re-create the whole world when her vision returned. And in between the blinks lived another world in which THEY lived.

"Who are they?" -- she asked herself once in a while . There was no good answer to that because for all she knew -- she could have been the one living between their blinks. Plus there were all these creatures that lived when she slept. Would any of them ever meet?

Luckily "ever" is a silly enough concept, and the day of their meeting did come about -- mainly because they were also curious. Well, it wasn't really a "day" of the meeting. It was more like a millisecond. But there was this instance, this flash of revelation that took place one warm April eve, when she was going home -- a bit tired.

She was distracted, bouncing up and down in the bus -- not even trying to avoid the stares of the drunks as she normally did. She was just looking right through them, lost in her own head. And then she had the blink during which she saw THEM -- two gaseous beings. They seemed to be standing right next to her. But not in the bus, but on some kind of ship which must've been in the water or maybe even air or whatever else exists over THERE. And one of them seemed to have a part of what must have been its head coming out right from her head!

And she was sure afterwards that the gaseous being didn't really say this -- more like it thought this, but she was sure the message was meant for her -- "stop drinking the cola for it gives me gas!"

The blink ended, and she was back in the bus, rather close to one of the drunks. He was smelly, but almost friendly as he offered her a sip from his bottle of beer. She declined, of course, considering somewhat automatically -- "if the guy who lives in the blink doesn't like the cola, he would really mind the beer!"

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