They Might Be Giants' John Linnell Shares His 5 Must-Have Apps

They Might Be Giants' 5 Must-Have Apps

"You'll notice none of my favorite apps have anything to do with social networking or interfacing with other human beings," said John Linnell, one half of the stalwart weirdo-pop band They Might Be Giants. "They're all these personal, solitary ones, so I guess that maybe tells you something about me. I'm not trying to reach out to anyone with my phone, which was intended to be a machine for communicating."

"I can see the headline already," I joked, "Antisocial Jerk John Linnell Lists His 5 Favorite iPhone Apps."

"Well," Linnell deadpanned, "I know my wife would like it."

For almost three decades They Might Be Giants have been the coolest nerdy band on the planet, rocking out in their own unique way, with hits including "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," "Birdhouse in Your Soul," and the theme songs to both "Malcolm in the Middle" and "The Daily Show." Their new album Join Us will be released July 19 on Idlewild.

I asked Mr. Linnell to share his five favorite smartphone apps, and in typical TMBG-fashion, he interpreted the request a little differently. After giving me his two favorite iPhone apps (that actually exist), he offered 3 that he really wished would be invented. And really, who knows where his suggestions will lead? One day, They Might Be Apps (sorry).

Here is 5 Apps With John Linnell of They Might Be Giants:

SoundHound (free version, with ads; $6.99, ad-free)

5 Apps with...John Linnell of They Might Be Giants

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