They're Up! How About You?

They're Up! How About You?
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Credit: Millie Grenough

Pretty amazing, isn't it?
Tons of snow atop them for weeks. And now these voluptuous velvets emerge.
Just like that. No bruises. No complaints. Here they are. Free. Right in my front yard.
Naive flirts, inviting me and all my neighbors: "Feast on us!"

Their simple magnificence entices me to offer you my OASIS in the Overwhelm Sanity Tip for today:
Give yourself some unscheduled minutes. Go outside.
Feel your left foot on the ground (not pavement). Now your right foot. Barefoot is best, but shoes are OK.
Let your weight drop to gravity. See if you trust Mother Earth to carry you.
Exhale. A long, deep exhale.
Inhale slowly. Invite your body to drink in the freshness.
Look to your right. Notice the multiplicity of colors.
Come back to center and look as far as you can to your left. More colors...
Scan the total horizon. See if you can spot three shades of green.
Choose one green. Focus on it.
Breathe in and out. Three luxurious inhales and exhales. Absorb the green.
Thank the Universe. What a miracle!
We are here for another April.

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