14 Things Only Girls With Thick Hair Will Understand

So much hair, so little time. That is the mantra of women with thick hair everywhere. We know people are tired of hearing us complain, but having locks for days isn't all it's cracked up to be. At the end of our showers there is always enough hair in the drain to create another human, ponytails are always too tight or too loose and hair ties are constantly too stretched out to wear around our wrists.

To all those ladies out there with thick hair, we understand your struggles. Herewith, a list of 14 things only women with tons of hair will truly understand.

Low water pressure makes you want to cry.

You regularly break hair elastics.

Your hair is so heavy sometimes it gives you a headache.

At any given moment, a piece of hair will fly into your mouth.

If you shower and put your hair in a bun in the morning, by nighttime... it's still wet.

Straightening your hair takes so long, you eventually start sweating.

You've given up on French braids, as your arms get sore by the time you're finally finished.

Whenever you get your hair cut, the hairdresser ALWAYS comments on how much hair you have. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Your hair is always (accidentally) in someone's way.

Hats never fit on your head because you have too much hair.

When you take photos with your friends, your hair is often out of the frame of the picture.

Travel shampoo is laughable -- that will last you, what, one wash?

You frequently have to explain to friends what getting your hair thinned means.

But, at the end of the day, you'll never go bald...

... So thick hair, don't care.

Then there are some hair truths all women can agree on:

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