Drunk Grinch Sees Error Of His Ways After Stealing Light-Up Reindeer

He wrote an anonymous letter of apology to the little girl whose Christmas display he stole.

A veritable Grinch has anonymously apologized with a handwritten note to the little girl whose Christmas lights he stole while drunk.

Chiara Velardi, 9, was left in tears after unidentified men pulled up in a car outside her Sydney home on Thursday night and swiped her two light-up reindeer.

A surveillance camera captured the theft of the display, which, while only worth around $55, was of huge sentimental value to her family.

See the video below:

“You shouldn’t do that anymore,” Velardi said to the thieves during an interview with 7 News Sydney, before demanding that they “say sorry to my dad, my mom and me.”

It appears they saw the news broadcast: On Saturday night two men who claimed they knew the main culprit delivered a letter of apology and around $74 in compensation to the family.

“To who ever’s Christmas I destroyed,” the handwritten note read, “I’m very sorry for taking your raindeer (sic). I was unaware of my actions due to being drunk.”

The mystery writer also urged Velardi to keep putting up her Christmas lights outside her home “because they were wonderful.”

Velardi’s father, Roy, said he felt the duo who delivered the message were “pretty genuine” and that he’d accepted the apology.”

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