Now You Can Buy A Thigh Gap With Your Jeans

Now You Can Buy A Thigh Gap With Your Jeans

No need to hit the gym, now you can buy a thigh gap with your jeans.

A new video from JustBoobs Sketch comedy group highlights how absurd the thigh gap phenomenon really is by putting a twist on a common shopping mall staple: The Gap has a new competitor in the "Thigh Gap" clothing store. Starring Stephanie Carrie, Elizabeth Bond, Melissa Rojas and Kate McDaniel, the "all-ladysketch" team brings some much-needed humor to the ridiculous (and dangerous) trend.

At "Thigh Gap" your jeans come with a small wooden stick that you can jam between your upper thighs to create a beautiful (read: painful) gap between your legs. And they're on sale for only $69.99! As one grateful customer praises the thigh gap stick's functionality, “The scars are a constant reminder of the sins of my womanly figure!”

The video ends with "Thigh Gap's" honest slogan: “Thigh gap: because you aren’t good enough."

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