Things Black People Should Stop Doing

It's been a tough year for minorities in America. Racially motivated violence is still very much a problem in the United States and it is actually getting worse under President Donald Trump. Many young black people are left to wonder what things will be like under the new president.

There's an epidemic of violence against black people in America. That's why movements like #BlackLivesMatter have gained so much traction. We haven't forgotten the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Philandro Castile, and Alton Sterling and the mourning won't end anytime soon.

Luckily, Chris Lawrence is here to offer a solution. He's compiled a handy list of things black people should stop doing. These are not things that people can't do, but rather the mundane things that could possibly get you killed.

If you're black and you want to stay alive, check out the video.

If you're unhappy about where things are going in Trump's America here are some places you can get involved to fight back.

Being black in America is a big issue and there's really no good reason why such is the case. Black lives matter, they have always mattered, and they continue to matter under President Trump. So protest hate, and spread love.