15 Things Every Engineer Knows To Be True

“If the test is open-book, shouldn’t it be easy?” (Nope. Never.) “What kind of engineer are you?” (Follow-up question: “What’s that?” plus much head-scratching.) “How are you so good at math?” (Sheer determination, and, oh yeah, studying.)

If you’ve heard these questions a million times before, it probably means you’re some sort of engineer ... and no, we won’t ask which kind.

In commiseration with you and in partnership with Pure Michigan Talent Connect, we’re taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the 15 things every engineer knows to be true.

1. When your friends complain about their math homework…

2. …and then you show them yours.

3. When people ask what discipline you are (as if they know the difference).

steve carrell

4. When you realize your four-hour lab is only worth one credit.

5. When you see a girl walk into your engineering lecture.

6. When you’re the girl that just walked in, you’re like...

tina fey

7. When your professors talk about what it’ll be like in the real world.

8. When you see your study group more than you see your roommates.

9. When you solve a problem right on the first try.

10. When you realize you average five hours of sleep and somehow still function.

bill murray

11. When a professor assigns another group project.

12. When you start looking for a job and realize every industry needs engineers.

13. When your friends treat you like their personal helpdesk…

rob lowe

14. …and you do the best you can.

SNL Baseball

15. When you graduate and realize you made it through one of the toughest majors in college.

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