21 Things Every Person Who Loves A Woman Should Know



Knowing how to best show your love -- whether it's for a significant other, sibling, best friend or parent -- can be a heavy task. But it sure is worth it.

There's no guidebook on how to love someone, but that doesn't mean we stop loving. With that in mind, and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, we asked our Facebook followers to tell us one thing anyone who loves a woman -- romantically or otherwise -- should know.

According to HuffPost Women readers, here are 21 things every person who loves a woman should know:

1. Without trust, you've lost her.

3. Work as hard to keep her as you did to win her over.

4. You don't always have to have a solution, most of the time you just have to be there for her.

5. Her body, her choice. About anything.

6. A sincere apology goes a long way.

7. Pay attention to the small parts of conversations because the little things really do make a big difference.

8. Put her first as much as possible because she most likely always puts you before herself.

9. Never ever ask her if she's on her period when she's angry or emotional. If you do, all that anger will quickly be directed towards you.

10. She is your equal. Treat her that way.

11. Always be honest with her. Even with the little things.

12. Even if you don't understand what she's going through, you need to respect it. Half the battle is just being there for her.

13. Her true self -- the one no one else gets to see -- is absolutely gorgeous. If you think otherwise, get out now.

14. Always, always, always root for her.

15. She may go through some changes, but that doesn't mean you should stop loving her.

16. She may not love herself yet, but with your love she'll figure it out.

17. Be patient with her, the way she is with you.

18. The woman she's become is not necessarily the woman she always was.

19. No matter what happens, be kind.

20. At the end of the day, every woman is different. She has her own set of needs, wants and goals. Find out what they are and help her achieve them.

Lastly, and possibly the most important...

21. She poops. Don't make it weird.

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