10 Things Gullible People Are Tired Of Falling For All The Time

When you're gullible, life is one big question mark.

There are some wonderful people in this world who have blind faith in absolutely anything someone tells them. These people are so easily duped and manipulated that sometimes it's unbelievable. Naturally, this means that people will often take great joy in playing tricks on them.

So, if you're a very gullible person, life is one big question mark. Maybe at this point of your life, trust is a foreign concept to you. We understand. Here are 10 reasons why gullible people can no longer trust anyone.

1. You know the daily routine by now: You say, "Really?" after someone tells you something only to be greeted with a blank stare and then a very loud laugh.

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It's a rough life being this gullible.

2. When someone tells you to look up and read what's on the ceiling, you're pretty sure nothing is going to be there.

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Just a blank ceiling right there.

3. And when someone says your shoe is untied, you know there's 50 percent chance it's a trap.

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You know you're responsible.

4. There's been too many times you've been told there's a stain on your shirt (when there's not) that now you're the only person who can tell you if you really do have one.

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What a cruel joke.

5. You're pretty sure you're done buying all those exercise products because they completely failed to give you six-pack abs.

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It seemed so believable.

6. You are now very aware that saying "gullible" really slowly does not rhyme with "orange."

You figured it out on the 10th try.

7. And you've realized that "gullible" is, in fact, a word that is in the dictionary.

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Yup, it's in there.

8. You can't believe you actually believed someone when they told you that Christmas is celebrated on June 25th in Australia.

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You're smarter than that.

9. You are just going to lose it if someone convinces you one more time to put your hand on your face to check if you have cancer.

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You swear this is the last time you'll fall for that joke.

10. People told you all through your life that you could be whatever you wanted. Yet, you're still not an astronaut.

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What happened?

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