10 Utterly Endearing Thoughts Husbands Have About Their Wives

Prepare to swoon.

Even in a culture of oversharing, there are a whole lot of men (and women, too) who just don't feel comfortable gushing about their relationships in a public forum.

But Whisper -- an app through which users share their secrets anonymously -- allows folks to open up without fear of judgment. Below, 10 times men got candid on Whisper about the deep-seated love and appreciation they have for their wives.

I thank the universe everyday for my wife. She
As a military vet, I can honestly say that in my household I
I love my wife more than life itself. I would do anything for her. She is my life and my everything.
The greatest thing that ever happened to me was marrying my wife. Then she had my children and she
My wife is the best person I
I love my wife so much.. Sometimes I am corny and awkward. 10 years. She is still all I ever wanted.
No matter how mad I am, my wife can give me that look that calms me down. So my wife is my drug for so many reasons.
My wife is my best friend and truly the hottest woman in my eyes
My wife is the strongest person I know. She has defeated her demons with no help and I couldn
My wife is my world. I will never love anyone like I love her.

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