10 Things I Let Go Of In 2015

I LET GO IN 2015
I had a wonderful year in 2015; I let go more, and tried to hold on less.

1. I let go of lengthy explanations: "I'm sorry", sincerely said, is powerful. I've learned to give and receive a succinct apology. There's really nothing more that can be said.

2. I let go of numbers: I have purposefully not learned to convert my bathroom scale in Italy from kilos to pounds. I walk miles every day, eat fresh food, and my clothes fit. I'm not interested in the outside assessments that used to regulate my self-worth.

3. I let go of looking for happiness: When I finally embraced that a new relationship, place or possession would not supply lasting happiness, I turned inward. It was then I realized it was up to me, and always had been.

4. I let go of judgement: Living in a foreign country has convinced me that we each see through the lens of our own conditioning and culture. Every story is real to the person telling it. This much I know, life is long (if we are lucky) and karma's a bitch if we're jerks.

5. I let go of fear: If I can survive repeated visits to the Italian Questura, not much scares me. I know most of what I may fear is out of my control, so I don't obsess over the details. Joy arrives when fear exits.

6. I let go of possessions: In traveling with two suitcases, I only hold on to the essentials and what I truly love. Memories are my souvenirs and I am free from anything owning me.

7. I let go of the past: I have been many different people through the decades I have lived. I can't regret not having the wisdom at 30 which I have now, at 60. I did the best I could at the time, and I'm sure the people in my past did the same.

8. I let go of noise: There is a peace and wisdom found in silence that is usually drowned out in daily life. It's become my place of sanity, and I love silence as much as I love music.

9. I let go of being offended: To be offended is to say that there is just one way to do something, or one way to view it. I realize that to take offense is to offer a counter-attack, and I am not interested in doing that.

10. I let go of the future: Judging from my past, it isn't going to run in a direct line, according to my best laid plans. I loosely hold on to the reins, and know I'll enjoy the adventure!

Best wishes for a happy, surprising, fulfilling 2016!

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