Things I'm Noticing During Menopause

Portrait of a cheerful couple hugging on beach
Portrait of a cheerful couple hugging on beach

I'm noticing that it's harder to get up in the mornings
And it's harder to stay asleep at night
I have more aches and pains than usual
My boobs look great in a bra, but not so great out of one
Few men whistle at me anymore
But the few that do make me smile.

I'm noticing that I'm grumpier than I used to be
And a bad mood takes longer to become a good one
A night on the town means a morning in bed
Brie and steaks are luxuries to be eaten sparingly.

I'm noticing that there's no reading without my glasses
They are not just a fashion statement
I have a pair in each room.

I'm noticing that professional athletes are young
Knees and hips don't last forever
Crying babies are cute again
The ruckus of kids playing is joyful
I will love being a grandma.

I'm noticing that a sunny day is a blessing
And a rainy day means the grass will be greener tomorrow
The seasons are spectacular
After the shortest day, there is only more time to get things done.

I'm noticing that my friends mean more to me than they ever did
My children are now my best friends
My husband is still the love of my life
My dogs make me laugh on even the worst day.

I'm noticing that my parents are geriatric
My younger brothers are middle-aged men
College was 30 years ago
High school is a distant memory
People age differently
50 is not really the new 40.

I'm noticing that I crave the sunlight
I long for the silence of the woods
The neighbor's cat pooping in my yard means we have no rats
The large American Express bill means I can afford everything I need.

I'm noticing that I can't read enough
I want to learn everything there is to learn
I will never know everything there is to know
I can only do what I can do
Worrying makes you old.

I'm noticing that holding grudges takes up too much energy
But forgiveness is still difficult
Engaging is more important than ever
Being alone is just as necessary
Being alone together is still the best.

I'm noticing that I forget some things more easily
I remember some things more vividly
No one can tell me what to do
I can tell very few people what to do
Few things really matter
Some things matter a lot.

I'm noticing that life is a long time
But it goes by very quickly
We hope our loved ones will stay nearby
We can count on each other
I can count on myself.