8 Things I've Forgiven My Kids For

Our love for our kids is unconditional. And so, I officially forgive my kids for all of the following.
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Motherhood is about unconditional love, sacrifice and selflessness. We all know that. And yet, there are times when you gaze at your kids and think...

Do you realize how much of me I give to you, and what I've given up for you?

Do you realize how many hours in a day I devote to you?

Do you realize how much care I put into everything I do for you?

Do you realize you just kicked me in the kidneys and I am in serious pain here?

Because we moms are still human beings! Who still possess shreds of self-respect and pride and a desire to have time for ourselves besides bathroom breaks! Of course, we'd never actually say any of this. These are thoughts we keep on the inside. Instead, we go right on with our day, forgetting all about our free time and the dark circles under our eyes and that dull ache in our lower gut.

Like I said, our love for our kids is unconditional. And so, I officially forgive my kids for all of the following.

1. Pregnancy and labor.
In their defense, this one was totally my decision. But still, I forgive the indigestion, all those nights I couldn't sleep on my belly (or sleep at all), and 19.5 hours of labor. Because, wow, what a parting prize.

2. Getting me sick.
Make that ALL the times they've gotten me sick. Once, during the winter I inexplicably got strep throat three times, the doctor explained that kids can be "carriers." Better me than them. But, ouch.

3. The let's-see-what-can-go-down-the-toilet experiments.
But they owe me $259 (so far!) in plumber bills.

4. Their awful taste in television shows.
And by that I obviously am referring to the Yo Gabba Gabba obsession. Even if it did last two whole years. I sincerely hope it did not cause brain damage.

5. Making me their personal handkerchief.
My kids are constantly using my sleeve/skirt/pants/hair to wipe their noses. I guess the plus side is that my germaphobia is now totally cured. Thank you, kids! Thank you!

6. Saying "I don't love you."
Yes, it's happened. They've gotten upset and said "I don't love you!" I know they do, of course. I didn't take it personally. Well, maybe just a little bit and maybe I snuck into the bathroom and wept but really, no matter.

7. The physical injuries.
Again, I know they don't mean it. But that doesn't mean those times they accidentally jabbed me in the eye with a finger or stick or other invasive object, socked me in the gut or kicked me in the shins don't hurt like heck. Too bad moms can't file for compensation for disability caused on the job.

8. The early morning wake-up calls.
You know what I'm talking about... all the mornings they've woken me up at 5:30 a.m. -- and the perma-dark circles beneath my eyes. Where would the concealer industry be without children, I ask you?