Things John McCain On SNL Will Get More Coverage Than

Things John McCain On SNL Will Get More Coverage Than
Tonight, in half an hour,
John McCain
will cameo on the finale of this season's SNL, in a show hosted by
The Office
Steve Carrell
. It's already gotten a lot of pre-buzz, and you can bet that it will be covered across the board after it happens, as these cameos are (cf. Clinton, Obama). McCain will probably be likable and funny, and, if they're all feeling daring, they'll throw an appeasement joke in there (memo to "Weekend Update" joke writers: Do not hold back). Probably there will be some
, as is the custom. But taking a step back, I'm going to guess that McCain on SNL will get more attention and coverage than the following:
  • The NYTimes story about how he's been using his wife's corporate plane for his campaign using a slightly dodgy campaign finance carve-out
  • What kind of judges McCain would appoint to the Supreme Court, and what their agenda might be (hint: To overturn Roe v. Wade, for starters)
  • Who pays for Meghan McCain and the McCain Blogette team? Per the AP, "'McCain Blogette' is independent from the campaign. So independent, the campaign said it could not answer who pays for Meghan and her two friends to travel on campaign planes and buses."
  • What, exactly, in the John Hagee oeuvre (Catholicism as "Great Whore," women with PMS as Dobermans/terrorists, Katrina as punishment for a Gay Pride parade in New Orleans, having a 'slave sale') does McCain support, and how, exactly, he thinks Hagee "supports what I stand for and believe in."
  • McCain's sudden claims to environmentalism vs. his record of skipping "every one of the 15 votes that the League of Conservation Voters deemed critical measures for the environment, including votes where the Arizona Senator's yea would have meant passage by a single-vote margin," according to the Daily Green (via C&L).
  • Whether the media has overblown his foreign policy acumen and leadership, given his repeated foreign policy gaffes.

Just a few nuggets to chew on in the coming weeks — this is the last SNL of the season, after all.

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