10 Things I Will Never Do Again On Summer Vacation

My folks were always avid travelers in search of new adventures. Once the last school bell rang in June heralding the beginning of summer break, our suitcases were packed and loaded into the station wagon. When I was young, these vacations involved long road trips that led to some "interesting" experiences which I am convinced is why I need anti-anxiety medications today. These special adventures into hell included spider-infested trails through a citrus grove; sleeping on a freezing mountain top in a tar paper shack with no heat, bathroom or running water; vomiting over the side of a boat during a fishing trip on rough water, and sleeping by myself in the backseat of a rental car when my siblings tricked me into believing there were nuclear reactor size scorpions under my cabin bed in Zion National Park.

Once I entered adulthood, I swore that I'd never subject myself (or my children) to these summer vacation horrors. But history has a way of repeating itself, so I've compiled a reminder list of 10 things I will NOT be doing this summer.

1. Get on an airplane. Most flights from my hometown circle out over the Bermuda Triangle first. I don't want to end up on a sequel of "Lost" or have my picture plastered on the side of a milk carton.

2. Fall asleep on the beach only to wake up hours later looking like the main entree at a Red Lobster restaurant.

3. Wear all white to an outdoor barbecue party. Juicy ribs + rum runners = hot mess disaster.

4. Get into a canoe with my daughters who are just as clueless on the water as I am. Pocahontas we are not, and I already know this tender, white meat would make great alligator bait.

5. After a camping trip, attempt to neatly fold a double air mattress back into its original box. Fuggedaboutit. Ball it up and toss it into the back of the closet.

6. Visit a Jurassic Park exhibit with life-like dinosaurs roaming the grounds. I don't want to be mistaken for a pork chop or a pu pu platter for two.

7. Go to an outdoor Judy Collins concert just because the tickets are free. Shock therapy would be
more entertaining.

8. Vacation at a southern resort where the mosquitoes are the size of vultures with a vampire's appetite for blood.

9. Participate in a sea cow rodeo. That's just wrong on so many levels.

10. Zip line over a wide canyon, especially if the cord has been recycled from an old clothes line or used dental floss.

The next time you get extra tickets to see Neil Diamond in concert at the amphitheater or feel like riding the waves on a bucking sea cow, don't bother calling me. I'll be asleep on the beach next to a bowl of melted butter. Lobster, anyone?

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