15 Things Parents Should Stop Stressing About In 2015

15 Things Parents Should Stop Stressing About In 2015

The moment you become a parent, you not only gain a child, but you acquire a lifetime's worth of things to worry about. So in 2015, instead of focusing on what parents should care about, we're highlighting the things you shouldn't.

We asked the HuffPost Parents community to name stressors they're (trying) to let go of in 2015, and it's clear we all have two things in common: Messy houses and no time to clean them. So, here's your official permission to let a mess be a mess.

What The HuffPost Parents Community Will Stop Stressing About Next Year

1. A messy house. At the end of the day my children aren't going to remember if the house was spotless or not. What they will remember though, is that I was too busy obsessing over floors to play with them.

2. Breastfeeding. If I can't reach my goal of 6 months, that's OK! I have to cut myself some slack. She's growing just fine with more formula than breast milk and that's all that matters!

3. My daughter NEVER wearing matching clothes.

4. Picking up their toys when 10 mins later they dump them again. Instead I'll sit down and play with them.

5. Meal time.

6. Mornings! As long as everyone gets fed it doesn't really matter how long it takes for that to happen.

7. My son starting daycare in January. He will be just fine!

8. Whether or not our decisions and rules make extended family upset or mad.

9. Potty training. So what if my kid wears diapers to kindergarten?!

10. The stuff that hasn't even happened.

11. I'm going to let my child be more independent. I'm tired of being one of those umbrella, hovering moms!

12. Money. I am always feeling like we are treading water, but in reality, it isn't that bad. I need to learn to just relax and not worry about it so much.

13. What others think of my kids' manners.

14. Time. I will learn how to slow down and not always rush. I am going to appreciate the time I have with my 3-year-old daughter even if it takes forever to get out the door.

15. Matching socks.

Happy New Year!

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